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Sat, 26. Aug 2006 12:52

The Emporers old town: Hue

Mathias & Nina Hue was the Vietnamese Emperors' city of residence and despite several wars that where fought in and around Hue the remains of the empire are impressive.

First we strolled through the old part of town which is enclosed by a city wall and the "Citatel" that housed the royal palace. Unfortuanately only few of the palace' buildings are still in good condition. The complex was left to decay for quite some time because it was deemded "unsocialist" by the government, only about 10 years ago restoration work started (but seams to be slower than the decay).

The second day we spend exploring the royal tombs outside the city. We rented a motrocycle and did our own tour despite the locals telling us that "it is very difficult to find". Actually we hardly had any trouble finding all the tombs (you see the huge obelisks from far away). The tombs themselves are very impressive and served not only as the emperors graves but as their palaces during their live time.

We'll upload pictures to our gallery at soon!