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Fri, 18. Aug 2006 10:33

Relaxing in Mui Ne

Mathias Feeling that beach and sun could be a welcome change from traveling Nina and me planned to stay a few days in Mui Ne.
Kiteboarding was on our agenda as well, but the first day here disappointed us with no wind and rather big waves. Nevertheless we rented some body boards to play in the waves. On my second run I somehow managed to surf the wave but dive as well directly in the water and the sandy ground. Outsch! Now I'm the eye catcher!

The day after this the wind started to blow and I had to watch all the other kiters fight wind and waves. To be honest: this here are quite challenging conditions and nothing for beginners. So whoever is planning his next kite trip to Vietnam, be sure to master current, big and choppy waves and strong winds first. And bring your own gear, the rental prices for equipment are mad! (135 US$ a day!)

Not far from Mui Ne there are big sand dunes that make you feel like a small piece of sahara was placed here in vietnam. One of the dunes is right next to a small lake which makes it really pictureouse.

Tomorrow we will take the bus to Dalat a town in the highlands of Vietnam.

We'll also upload new fotos of Saigon and Mui Ne to Nina's gallery at