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Thu, 17. Aug 2006 07:48

Picturesque Hoi An

Daniel From Na Thrang I took the night train to Danang, and then the bus to Hoi An. I hadn't slept in a hotel now for 2 nights, so I felt I could treat myself to a hotel with swimming pool. (I slept on the train, twice.)

Hoi An is a really nice town, with photogenic streets and nice cafes. It's a little like Luang Prabang in Laos, but the salespeople here are more agressive. After seeing most of the tourist attractions, I walked to the local fish market. I love markets, and here it was nice to see some fishermen sell their catch in the evening.

Today I went to My Son, which was a little disappointing. My Son is a place full of ancient ruins from the Cham Kingdom. I expected it to be much bigger, and in a better condition. Well, I guess it might have been before the Americans finished it off in the 1970ies...

Now the bus to Hue is already waiting for me. Gotta go...

P.s.: I've added some more picture of Saigon to the "Can Tho to Saigon"-blog.

Nina, Metti: I stayed at the Tranh Binh 2 Hotel, which was 12$ (15$ for double). You can use the pool of Tran Binh 3, which is round the corner. I think there's a cheaper option with pool - It's on the right hand side if you walk torwards number 50 in the Lonely Planet...
Don't go to the Cafe des Amis, which sounds really nice in the Lonely Planet. The 4 course Vietnamese dinner was not as good as the chef made it sound. The shark was very dry. (Why do some people cook shark?)
But the Brother's Cafe is a must! Go there, but maybe only for a drink, I didn't want to afford the food there. Even the waiters told me it's too expensive. (But the location on the river is excellent.)

And I met the two Italians which "got lost in the Mekong Delta". They took another boat and actually arrived in Can Tho the same night. They had the same bad experience in the bus, with another lunatic driver.

Hoi An

Traditional Streets

A Gong Shop

Eine alte Bettlerin.

Ein Gebet fuer den Thang Long Industrial Park



Ein Cafe

Fanzoesisches Erbe: Baguettes


Am Fischmarkt

Die Faehre

Ferry to the other side

The owner of Cafe des Amis

On the Streets

Too young to join the others play soccer

My Son

Restaurations in My Son