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Mon, 14. Aug 2006 08:05

Planning my last week traveling

Daniel I can't believe how fast time passed. My flight to Hong Kong is in 8 days, and that marks the end of this trip. Well, although my calendar tells me I've spent three months in Asia by now, I feel I just scratched the surface of the countries visited. I definitely need to spend more time exploring the various cultures over here.

Enough sulking around, here is my planning for my next few days:

14.8. (Today) Train to Na Thrang at 11pm. That means leave Nina & Metti in Saigon! Arrive at 6 in the morning.
15.5. Diving in Na Thrang. (I know, 1 day is way too short!)
16.8. - 19.8. Visit My Tho, Hoi An and Hue
19.8. Train from Hue to Hanoi, Depart at 5pm, arrive at 4:30am.
20.8. - 21.8. See Hanoi
22.8. Fly from Hanoi to Hong Kong. (Vietnam Airlines, depart 11am, arrive 1pm)
23.8. Register at the University in Hong Kong!

Well, I guess the end of this trip marks the beginning of another exiting chapter in my life! Great!

And by the way: Nina & Metti will keep the mobile phone card, that means I can't be reached in Vietnam by phone after today.