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Fri, 11. Aug 2006 16:57

Ariving in Vietnam (barely alive).

Daniel and Mathias Four countries in four days. Guess that explains why we are completely exhausted.

Today we left Cambodia and crossed over to Vietnam. Advertised as an easy trip, it turned out to be a rather strange day. It was not really a single event that drained us of our energies, but more the sum of little things.

An hot, uncomfortable bus ride that took an hour longer than promised; bad food at the border; overcrowded minibusses; getting cheated the whole day when changing money or buying tickets; being burned by the sun and then getting wet on the boats; and at the end being driven by a complete psycho. (The last bus driver actually needs some more attention. He managed to drive at least 100km/h (70mph) on a crowded road on the lane of the oncoming traffic. Usually driving in Asia doesn't scare us anymore, but this guy managed to scare the hell out of us.)

We are in Can Tho in the Mekong Delta right now and promise to write a longer update when we are in Ho Chi Min City (Saigon), but now we are just too tired. By then we also should have a local phone number...

To Martin: We plan to be in Mui Ne for kite surfing in about five days. Will you be there? We'll try to reach you from Saigon.

Crossing the boarder by boat

Racing to the bus station. Metti has an advantage as he is motorized.

nina and I had to toke bicycle-rikshas